About Live2Africa

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The Live2Africa Programme is a five-year innovative initiative funded by the European Union and implemented by AU-IBAR. The programme rans from 2017-2021.

Its Overall objective is "To support transformation of the African livestock sector for enhanced contribution to environmentally sustainable, climate resilient, socio-economic development and equitable growth". The programme’s Specific Objective is "The systemic capacity of continental, regional and national Livestock Sector stakeholders for the economically, environmentally and socially sustainable transformation of the livestock sector is strengthened".

Building directly from the programme’s objectives, Live2Africa is centred on seven result areas, which are organised around the four LiDeSA strategic objectives as follows:

  • Result 1: Investments in livestock value chains (LVCs) are increased;
  • Result 2: Animal Health Delivery Services are improved;
  • Result 3: Animal Production, Productivity and Ecosystem Management are enhanced;
  • Result 4: Resilience of Livestock Production Systems are strengthened;
  • Result 5: Technology adoption in the Livestock Value Chains is increased;
  • Result 6: Access to inputs, services, markets and value addition are increased;
  • Result 7: AU-IBAR capacities are strengthened.

The programmes main activities include:

  • Continental level/inter-regional/cross-border coordination (e.g. setting up of the technical working groups of the Engagement Platform);
  • Knowledge Management (e.g. indicating areas of achievement, challenges, emerging insights, and dissemination of best practices and lessons learnt to stakeholders);
  • Policy guidance (e.g. dissemination of policy briefs to decision makers, policy briefings during stakeholder meetings);
  • Facilitation of common positions (e.g. facilitating relevant technical experts in formulating common positions); and
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, quality control, capacity building through trainings on specific technical matters, institutional reforms and transformation (e.g. review and enhancement of policies and legislation).

These activities are achieved by delivering the continental component of LideSA through technical assistance to African Union member states and Regional Economic Communities (RECS). These actions foster livestock sustainability, looking closer on how climate change affects livestock systems, improving resilience of farmers and livestock keepers and developing gender sensitive intervention methods and tools. Notably, Live2Africa incorporates several cross-cutting issues, namely: Environment and Climate Change; Animal Genetic Resources; Gender and Youth; Nutrition; Rights of indigenous communities, and Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

The programme connects a unique blend of partners representing: Livestock producers, Private Sector Actors, Civil Society and Stakeholders Organisations, National Governments of the Member states, Regional Economic Communities, other regional public institutions and the African Union Commission Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture (DREA), and International/global Organisations. Therefore, in the spirit of SDG 17 on Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals, the Live2Africa programme leverages partners’ knowledge, expertise, resources and networks to identify key needs to advance Livestock Development in individual country and regional contexts.